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CRM Manager

Are you bold enough to prove that you can combine both left brain and right brain?



Boldking is one of the fastest growing European online razor brands. Today our razors have shaved hundreds of thousands of smiling faces and bodies across 11 clean-shaven countries in Europe. Our purpose is to remove frustrations and put the pleasure back into shaving.And this is where you come in.


As CRM manager you are responsible for development, implementation and execution of Boldking’s overall CRM strategy. Your core focus is on building the best customer experience with as objective to maximize LTV. You will be part of the management team and will report directly to the CEO.

We are looking for someone not defined by his/her studies or previous roles but rather by 
his/her mindset and characteristics. You could be a growth marketer, business developer, CRM manager, strategy consultant or any combination – as long as you create things that matter. Impact is key.

For us this means you are somebody that meets at least the following three criteria:

ou don’t take no for an answer.

If someone tells you it can’t be done. You flip them the razor and tell them to shave the hell off! And you go do it anyway.

You bring structure.

You will work on many different topics encountering smaller or bigger issues. You can structure each issue conceptually and logically. Your structure will allow us to jointly solve the issue in a pragmatic and efficient way.

You feel comfortable with numbers and data.

You will get lots of data and information. You are capable of digesting the information and create relevant insights. You can also initiate and drive insightful analyses.

The position requires a master degree. In addition candidates must show evidence of accomplishments, problem solving capabilities and team work. We are looking for a strong mix of thinking, doing and playing.


  • Dynamic high paced working environment
  • Lots of freedom and responsibility
  • Good compensation package with fixed and performance based element
  • Secondary benefits (e.g, free blades for life, great daily office lunches, etc.)